Mission, Vision and Values

07 June 2016


The Mission of MAREFIX, S.L. is to offer its clients, suppliers and partners excellent relations as well as service, based on the highest quality, competitive prices, a wide range of products and prompt service. To constantly evolve, being dynamic, creative and innovating. With a national and international presence, we seek growing profitability, enabling our employees’ personal and professional development.


We would like MAREFIX, S.L. to be recognised in the national and international industrial supply market as a company which is flexible, collaborative, friendly, approachable, personal and committed to its clients and its employees. We want to be a competitive and profitable company, a provider of global solutions in the field of fixings, driving new product lines, with clear criteria of continuous improvement, a guaranteed option for technicians advising on fixings and a serious, professional alternative in its industry. We develop strategies, we set collective and individual goals and we carry out actions to achieve them.


– Honesty
We act with honesty and integrity, dealing fairly with all.

– Loyalty
We are part of the “Marefix Family”, behaving in accordance with the values and business goals of the organisation.

– Respect
We ascribe due consideration to human dignity and the environment at all times.

– Responsability
We fulfil our duty, applying our company policies and provisions.

– Trust
Our procedures and the way we work transmit security and trust in our business ethics to our clients, giving them the peace of mind that we fulfil our commitments. We perform with accuracy, timeliness and loyalty to strengthen our environment.

– Sustainability
We assume our social and environmental responsibility arising from our activities, thereby contributing to the development of the areas where we work.

– Social Responsability
We accept our corporate social responsibility by creating jobs, generating wealth and implementing a suitable environmental policy.

– Integrity
We at MAREFIX, S.L. , must behave with clarity, sincerity, honesty and ethics, thereby contributing to the confidence of all stakeholders in our organisation. The Management of MAREFIX, S.L. will act with transparency and accountability to all stakeholders.